I’ve been a professional chef for most of my life and a serious writer for the last few years. When I sold our restaurant, The Tapas Bar, I decided to work on a new project, combining my accumulated knowledge of Spanish food and drink with an online presence.

At first, Tapas Online was intended to be largely a vehicle for the sale of my books, but as time went by, the website itself began to take priority. When, after a great deal of research, the directories came into being, it was decided that the three websites, Tapas Online, Spanish Restaurants, and The Spanish Pantry should all come under the umbrella of Foods of Spain.

My sincere thanks go to Gill Graphics for help along the way and bringing my ideas to fruition. The story doesn’t end here though. We should like to become a community of like-minded people who share a passion for Spanish food and drink and you are cordially invited to submit your ideas, recipes, travel blogs – anything you wish.


Frederick Sleap

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